Source distribution

Use sidebar on the right to get the latest tarball with the OTPasswd. Currently there is 0.8 in testing. Plan is to fix any bugs there are, without adding new functionality, in order to create a stable release 1.0.

Distributions' repositories


There are source and binary packages for Debian available. Checkout source package on debian mentors. You will have to use dget on .dsc file and then build package using dpkg-buildpackage. OTPasswd is not currently included in mainstream Debian repositories.

You can try the following sources.list entry to use private repository to install OTPasswd using apt-get:

deb http://otpasswd.thera.be/debian wheezy main
To use it you would have to add my key with apt-key add, then apt-get update, apt-get install otpasswd-bin libpam-otpasswd.


There were (older) .ebuilds which can be used to build also existing version. Not much changed and hopefully new .ebuild will appear soon. See a bug tracking entry regarding this ebuild.

Any work regarding distributions, testing, stabilization, etc. - is welcome.